Ramble: What I Really Think Of D*ck Pics

As a BDSM blogger, this unfortunately happens to me a lot. I get chatting with men, talk a little bit more about what I do and then BAM! Dick pic.

It happened today, and it ruined what was, to be honest, an otherwise fairly decent conversation. Tragic.

Guys, you need to keep in mind one of the key differences between men and women. Men are stimulated visually, women mentally. If you don’t have the mental capacity to stimulate me, your dick won’t do it, either.

I think of things from a very literal point of view. There are two sexes, unless you are (un?)fortunate enough to have both. If you weren’t born with a vagina and you aren’t intersex, then I’m going to go on ahead and assume your male, and what do males have? Yep, it’s a penis.

It’s a part of your body my friend, congratulations, you haven’t turned me on or got me thinking, you’ve just passed the security checks and affirmed that you are indeed a male. Are you proud?

To me, men who need to show off are probably more insecure about themselves than they have something to brag about. It’s the male equivelent to “does my bum look big in this?” only, men actually want you to tell them how big it is.

Also, in my opinion, BDSM and sex are not guaranteed to be interlinked. If I was asked if I’d prefer sex or being tied up and bitten, I’ll take the tied up and bitten every single time. Why? Well, because to be honest, I’m going to feel it more. There really aren’t that many nerve endings in the female vagina, so biting will stimulate more nerve endings than your penis will. Result? Higher euphoria! Unless you have a penis with teeth (I highly doubt it, by the way), then your penis is just flesh, blood vessels and skin.

If you’re going to argue that I’ve just never had a big cock or a talented lover, then you’d be wrong. My husband has an absolutely beautiful cock and he knows what he is doing with it. I can’t make me scream and yet he can, so if you thought it’s that, it’s not. The simple truth is that, really, I’m not impressed by your desperation cock.

Sorry about that.

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