My "juicie" Sex comes with many surprises, new and exciting adventures, painful injuries and sometimes unwelcome bodily functions.The noise you never expect to hear though, is a loud POP! I mean.. sure.. it was Saturday morning, and Sir and I hadn't played the night before, hormones were high and we had some catching up to... Continue Reading →

29/08/2019- My New Blog!

Hey everyone! I have created a new blog where I will be writing occasionally about my experiences of maternal abuse, sharing my husband's own story of paternal abuse, how it has impacted us and how it has impacted our relationships with our families now. It's pretty rudimentary at the moment and won't be as active... Continue Reading →

He Is My Daddy, But Then He Isn’t

Good afternoon, readers! Goodness, it seems like almost all of a sudden, my blog has exploded! Every morning I wake up and check my phone and discover that I've acquired at least one new follow over night. Every time I put my phone down, it seems like someone else is reading me and is inspired... Continue Reading →

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