25/08/19 – A Bank Holiday With Daddy

When he finishes work today at 3:30pm, our weekend begins. I mean, sure, he only gets two days off for this August Bank Holiday, not three, but he had a lieu day off on Thursday to make up for it. He gets another one on Tuesday, too.

“You can have two days rest, then”, I offered.

“Rest..sure”, he replied.

I already know what that means.

We don’t play as such until Friday, but, well.. there’s nothing to stop him from claiming me before then, is there?

Since not calling him Daddy, it’s almost become easier to call him “Daddy”. It flows off the tongue sometimes, sometimes easier than others. How strange? Hearing from other fellow kittens and Littles has helped me. It’s okay to be me, in all of my glory, in all of my black clothes, red hair and sparky jewellery – me, just me. Daddy’s.

I know that there will be certain struggles with having him off for two days. Mondays are ASMR nights, and Tuesdays are blog days. I know that he will help me with the housework, but that really isn’t the point, with a better-managed schedule, I should be able to manage on my own. Largely thanks to spending most of last week working on my blog, the home is a mess.

I do need to rearrange our meal plans again, but it’s so hard when sometimes, we like different things. We eat a lot of chicken, as long as it’s organic and free range, we’ll eat it. I’m trying to give up pork and beef, for conscience and environmental reasons. Sir, however, very much still loves himself a good steak, though we haven’t eaten lamb in what seems like a decade. We also like wildly different sandwiches, and I;m all too happy with tuna mayonnaise while he wants chicken and bacon. As much as I curse it sometimes (like when it becomes another chore to do when you’ve only just sat down at 10:40pm), I also love it in a way, and it’s one of my favourite chores to do, along with washing up, making the bed and, strangely, cleaning the bathroom, it has a traditional feel, but that “traditional” feel gets a little tiresome when there is a (at least) different filling to be filled each day. Part of the reason I love Fridays so much is because ham & Boursin cheese is easy.

Well, it’s now 3:25pm and I’m in the doghouse for jokingly telling Sir that the photo of a Shrek Wallace & Gromit “Shawn the sheep” (aptly called “Shrawn”) that he sent me looks like him. At the same time, I’ve also discovered that I’ve left my so-called waterproof mascara on after taking my “About Me” selfie. So the question now remains;

Do I go and grab my micellar water and remove it, or do I spray on some of Sir’s favourite perfume and wait for him to come to start our weekend? Decisions..


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