Ten Shades’ Top 5 BDSM Toys!

Hey lovelies, I asked my good Sir to pick out his top five favourite toys and he didn't disappoint! My sexy sadist has picked out quite possibly some of the most devilish things we own, but here we are. I asked Sir why he didn't mention cuffs or the blindfold., "Those aren't toys, they're accessories"... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Travel Bag?

Good afternoon lovelies, As promised, I was inspired by Penny Berry's post about her travel essentials and I decdided to share with you some of those that I'll be taking with me on the weekend. I'm making the 4 hour trip from Bristol, England to Newquay in rural Cornwall (it's not hard to see why,... Continue Reading →

Blurred Lines: When Kinks & ASMR Combine

Hello lovelies, I was recently inspired by this rather old Reddit thread which I stumbled across in which the original poster asked about ASMR in the stomach. If you weren't aware already, then by definition, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is normally experienced in the back of the scalp and neck, so this threw a... Continue Reading →

50+ Subscribers- A Celebration

Good morning lovelies, Well it's been one hell of a week, but I woke up this morning to discover that Ten Shades & Me reached 52 subscribers overnight! I'm over the moon and so happy that hours of hard work have paid off, so thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of my heart - thankyou! This... Continue Reading →

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