Becoming Tall Person & Small Person

Finally, Sir and I have found names that, for whatever reason, work for us. Normally he calls me Kitten, but I’m less keen on calling him Daddy.

Yesterday, he became “Tall Person” for me, and I became “small person” for him. At first, it was just funny and silly, but now it seems to work.

He is Tall person, I am Small Person, and somehow, the DDLG dynamic works once more.

I am embracing me in all of my me-ness and thanks to the help and support of some of my dear WordPress friends. For the first time in a long time, I find myself catching my gaze in the mirror and smiling. I’m assured again, I’m “small person”, little, unique, in all her little glory.

The hidden beauty of “Tall Person” is that it carries the same connotations as “Daddy”, but in a way that nobody notices. I can call him Tall Person around family, friends and acquaintances and nobody will know. Finally, we have our relationship out in the open, free and unfettered by social norms and stigma. I call my husband “Tall Person” because he’s taller than me, what more justification does it need? So what if we say it affectionately? Let us be.

So here I am, his favourite small person, celebrating this wonderful happy day in his favourite top of mine, and pigtails!

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