03/09/2019 – Opening Up About Grief

Hi all,

Some of my wonderful friends have commented lately about my willingness to be more vulnerable, and I’ve decided that, you know what? This blog is where people really get me, they’re getting to know me, I’m with my kind here. SO I’ve decided to be more vulnerable, and I’ve decided to open up about my experiences so far with grief.

Grief is still a very raw and difficult thing for me, but I feel like sharing it with some of the people who actually care about me from all over the world and on the platform that actually gets read. If you all want me to be more vulnerable with you, then vulnerable I must be.

I’ll copy over posts from my now defunct blog a bit at a time so that I don’t bombard my followers with posts. I’ll also create a “In Loving Memory” page so you can read a little bit more about my Dad, who is and will always be my inspiration in life.

Thankyou all for reading 🙂

Elena xxx

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