Ramble: Upping My Game

Yesterday, some of you (ahem.. Succulent Savage :p ) lectured me on putting myself first, and being somebody who always puts myself last, I decided that last night was time for change. No more putting me last, there was a point to be made.

I had a chat with my Tall Person and he gave me that I-agree-and-you’ll-hate-me look,I knew what he was thinking, I really do put myself last. He snatched the scourer and steamer that I was using to clean the walls behind the cooker.

“I’ve got this, you go and sit down.” he ordered.

Well, that’s new.

So last night, I did what I said I was going to do, I made dinner, made lunches, and then I soaked my feet in some warm, soapy water and lost myself in another “month” of my favourite new eBook: The Bad Dog Diary. After their soak, I clipped my normally-ignored-until-it-hurts toenails and tackled my tough, calloused housewife heels with my long-forgotten pumice stone. With each scrub, a piece of the old, down-trodden housewife felt like she washed away, and in it’s place was a new thing of strength and beauty.

Before bed, I decided to treat myself again, instead of my normal waterworks, teeth and bed routine, I decided to add a face exfoliation into the regime. Sure, it was only soap, water and anexfoliating mitt, but my face felt cleaner, and I slept better for it.

This morning, old habits had to die hard. Normally it’s just tea, breakfast and go, but I decided that I really, really must do better with my oral hygiene, so twice a day it needed to be. Maybe it’s mental, but somehow my teeth already feel stronger for it

After a scrub and breakfast, I decided to sit down and attend to my hair. Again, normally I rake it and tie it back, but today I decided it needed a bit more TLC, so I sat down with the detangling brush and detangled most of it. There is still more to do (my hair is long, and my arms were aching), but the results are showing. It looks less ratty, more soft and flowing.

I came to realise that making time for me isn’t so painful when I actually make time for me. It’s about scheduling it in and finding things that I can do. I don’t need puffs and creams and lotions to be beautiful, just a little time for me.

16 thoughts on “Ramble: Upping My Game

  1. ♥♥♥ go girl!!!! ♥♥♥ i’m happy for you. Feels good, doesn’t it? (sorry i really lectured!!! i’m not as sweet when i’m not little). Daddy makes me pace myself and choose what particular to-do-list things per day so i don’t over do it.


    1. It definitely does! It’s absolutely fine, I think I needed it, honestly.I need to learn that some things aren’t important, and other things can wait. My home doesn’t need to look like a show home all the time, as long as clothes and dishes are washed and we’re all fed. I’ve got backing soda & water on my grimey sides by the cooker as we speak, so that’ll get streamed and scrubbed off shortly and I’ve got a cupboard to reorganise, but then that;s it for today!

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      1. I’m usually very witty but even I know the line between wit and sarcasm and just plain mean, it seems a lot of people these days don’t. Sir and I share a very witty sense of humour, too.


      2. Makes life more fun when you can share those things. We’re down right snarky most of the time. lol He made a sweet comment today. He told me He’s really glad I’ve met you and Penny. He thinks the two of you are good for me. ♥


      3. Aww bless him, I think we;re all better for finding each other. and I think the fact that we are all of similar ages so know what it’s like to not be a young Little helps a lot, too. I think my Tall Person would probably say you’re both good for me as well, especially after last night lol.


      4. Yes and no, I got put through them all in my youth by my mother, who definitely was a fan. With that said, any time I find a stray dirty sock on the bedroom floor I am prone to picking it up and declaring “Master has given kitten a sock, kitten is free!” That’s normally met with a hasty reprimand lol.

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      5. He did get me a pair of socks with the actual line from the movie as well. Sometimes I like to wear them and refuse to lift a finger lol. Oops… can your Daddy see this? Jodie needs Dobby socks because they will definitely keep her feet warm!! No ulterior motives here!! 🙂


  2. Hubby wouldn’t mind, he might tease me but I wouldn’t get into any trouble. I am in trouble tonight though because I said at least according to our government I can pee, talk and handle my money without an issue. He told me to list off 3 more things that I could do, then made it five, then ten. Writing had to be one of them 🙂


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