Ramble: Exciting Times! (And A Little Bit Of Little Me)

One of the things I’m all too aware of on my blog is that I don’t have a photo of my Tall Person, which is a shame, because he really is a mighty fine sight, and I’ve wanted to rectify that.

Another sidenote: I cut Tall Person’s hair and shave his beard. I’m not a barber by any means, but I can do a graded cut and shave his beard without a problem. He also likes it if I do, it saves money and we find it to be quite an intimate moment and sort of another way that I can serve him.

I told Tall Person about Penny Berry using his title for her Daddy and he laughed, then I made my sentiments understood.

Me: (totally not caring for invading his private time through the bathroom door) Tall person, I am sad. My friends have photos with their Daddy, but I do not.

Tall Person: Maybe after my haircut tomorrow.

Me: (dances) Yay! Tall Person!

Tall Person: I said maybe..

Me: (stops) But… Tall Person…

Tall Person: Yes, kitten?

Me: I promise no Hitler mustache (happens most haircuts hehe)

Tall Person: Promise, promise?

Me: I promise! (mutters) I didn’t say anything about the Charlie Chaplain though..

Tall Person: No..

Me: (pouts) Okay fine! I’ll do you a big curly handlebar mustache! Like the old, wise people!

Tall Person: Well, I’m already wise..

Me: (giggles) And you’re already old, too..

So there we have it, hopefully, hopefully, I can introduce you all to my lovely gorgeous Tall Person tomorrow, who currently has a close resemblance to James Dean. I can’t wait πŸ˜€

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