Ramble: We Finally Had “The Talk”

Good morning lovelies,

I’m back again for my Friday morning installment of blog posts. I made my tea like usual this morning and then it hit me – for once, it is appropriate to share what my mug says with my company, so here you have it- and on date night, no less! Aren’t you lucky?

Oh, and those are chocolate chip digestives, because plain digestives are so mediocre 😉

So last night Sir and I finally sat down and had a look at the checklist. We’d both gone through it in our own time, marking off the things we wanted to do. With a sort of list of the things that he wanted to do that I didn’t, that I wanted to do that he didn’t, and that we both wanted to do, it was finally time to sit down and have “the talk”,

I got a bit annoyed with Sir at first. We had The Big Bang Theory on in the background and he made me wait while he watched a video on Facebook. To me, that immediately conveyed that this wouldn’t be a very productive chat, and sadly I’m sort of feeling like I might be right.

Sir seemed to rush through the list, “yep.. we both agreed on biting. Collars.. fine.. cuffs.. fine..”. We didn’t really discuss anything. We agreed or disagreed (I don’t think there was an awful lot of that) but we didn’t really slow down and discuss. Biting where? What kind of cuffs? What did we like? It was a twenty-minute, hurried, rudimentary discussion.

Some of the things “Sir” marked as being into I later discovered were a “well, because I know you’re into it”. Mutiple Doms, serving others, for example, he agreed to, then admitted that he’d only done it for me. That’s not how this works, I only want him to share me if he wants to share me. If that doesn’t work for him, then it doesn’t work for me.

Some things I was willing to give him, and others I was not. Collars in public? Fine. Butt plugs under clothes? That’s a no, Those things are only tolerable at the best of times.

The thing that was really hard for me to accept was his reluctance to medical play. For me, it’s not really medical play so much as roleplay. Less about content and more about dynamic, if you will. Even if he only mentioned the doctor’s expert touch during sex, he would probably make me tingle in ways he never thought possible before!

For me, my love for this doctor/patient dynamic is a fetish need, so today I’m sort of feeling a bit off, a bit dejected. I’m not asking him to perform open heart surgery, I’m just asking him for a few of his own “procedures” that you won’t find on the NHS 😉

Nevermind, hey? Onwards and upwards, I suppose.

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