Ramble: Why Have A Date Night When You Can Have A DSTW Night?

Hello my lovelies,

It’s date night for us, but my good Sir is.. otherwise disposed of, so I decided to pop on here quick to share this one. It’s too funny just to forget about!

I asked my good Sir earlier if he fancied watching a movie for date night. Only, far from typing “date night” into my text message, I wrote “dtsw night”. Fail.

Dominance, submission, tongue & willy? came the reply.

Confused, I looked up at my previous Whatsapp message and then, smiling to myself, I punched out my reply.

I mean… that doesn’t sound so bad 😉

No, it’s date night, he responded.

I sulked. Another week’s wait it is for me, then.

I have dubbed him “Mr Hearts & Flowers” for this evening though. I mean.. if he’s going to be all romantic on my ass, then he needs a honorific that fits 😉

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