08/09/19 – Let’s Talk About Kink & Disability

Hello my lovelies,

Something that doesn’t get an awful lot of attention in the BDSM community, is disability, and the way that disability can impact us in our dynamics and scenes. Well, fear no more, because I have teamed up with the lovely Bill of Rope & Roses to discuss kink and the way that our disabilities impact us in our BDSM play.

Bill is a long-standing friend of mine who I have had the pleasure of meeting (even if he was exceptionally mean to me once :P) on a few occasions. He has been an absolute dream and my rock in my fight for Personal Independence Payment.

Bill lives with renal failure and has to undergo haemodialysis on a regular basis at home, which has a huge impact on his life and his energy levels. His partner and submissive, Red, lives with Mutliple Sclerosis and .relies on Bill and carers to help her live a functional life. Because of her health and limitations, Bill has to take her needs into consideration, as well as his own.

Over the upcoming months, we will be talking about all kinds of topics, including energy, limitations, ideas and more. We will be discussing the nitty gritty of living with a less-than-idyllic kinky life, sharing our experiences and hopefully helping and encouraging you along the way.

In the mean time, please do give the wonderful, green-fingered Bill some love on his blog, Rope & Roses!

Hugs & kinky cuddles.

Elena xx

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