I Tried Nipple Clamps Again… And Fell In Love The Third Time Around! (Bad Kitty Butterfly Nipple Clamps Review, And How To Use Nipple Clamps Properly!)

Let it be known, I have super, super sensitive nipples, to the point that I have to wear a bra if only to stop darn things getting excited by the friction of my t-shirt. It’s not that I need support from a bra, flatter chested woman can get away with going without a over shoulder boulder holder (or over shoulder pebble holder, as I prefer to call them), it’s that without one, my nipples have a habit of poking through and threatening to gouge out the eyes of any unsuspecting patrons, and that can be rather embarrassing.

So when it comes to nipple play, understandably, I’m very nervous. After all, highly sensitive nipples probably have a lower threshold for pain, and that’s certainly the case for me.

The first time I tried nipple clamps, I was given a pair with a heavy steel chain. They pulled my sensitive nipples downwards in what can only be described as sheer burning agony. Undeterred, I bought another pair with silicone tips and placed them on by only the tips, which resulted in the same relentless mammary torture. Enough was enough, nipple clamps really, really weren’t for me.

For months, I was quite happy without nipple clamps in my life. They hurt, and I didn’t want or consent to that kind of burning pain. My nipples were extremely sensitive, and they deserved to be loved very delicately.

Maybe it was my inner masochist calling, or maybe it was my naturally inquisitive nature, but I had to know. I had to be really, really certain. I mean.. what if ones without a chain were better?

So, tentatively, I opened Lovehoney and I had a look. Awestruck by their pretty acrylic butterflies and the fact that they are individual clamps which does away with the weight of the chain, I bought the Bad Kitty Butterfly nipple clamps. No going back now.

When they arrived, I held the box in my hand and studied them. I was excited, nervous and aroused, the same way any submissive would be at the thought of a new activity. I wanted to try them out before I mentioned them to my good Sir. I wanted to see if I could find what worked for me before he saw them, and then, if I did, I’d surprise him with them later. So, carefully, I unboxed them.

The first thing that struck me about these clamps is the weight. There is some weight, but not like the weight of a chain. The acrylic butterflies can still be felt, but they aren’t weighty as such. The second most noticeable thing is the black silicone tips, and the little silver slider.

This was it.

Holding my nipple gently between thumb and finger and the clamp in the other hand, once again, I applied the clamp only to the very tip. Once again, it resulted in intense pain.

Nope! Nope! Nope! Not even then!

Maybe if we just try further down a bit? Carefully, I slid the clamp further over my nipple so that it was surrounding it, rather than biting onto it.

Ooh la la!

Almost instantly, I felt a rush of intense sexual energy head due south and it took a fair amount of effort to stop myself reaching orgasm then and there. That was a new sensation, and definitely not one I’d experienced before.

I text Bill over at Rope & Roses about my new discovery. We have quite candid discussions about this kind of thing, so I knew he’d be able to help me.

Meant to go over the full nipple, came the reply.

No wonder I was hurting myself with them!

That night, my good Sir was most taken by my new purchase. Pinching one of my nipples gently between between the prongs of the clamp, I gasped.

“Fuck, Sir?” I breathed.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Can we review my rating on nipple clamps?” I whispered.

“What to?”

“Like… a billion out of a hundred!” I moaned, lost in pure, blissful sensation as he played with the pretty little butterfly.

I think that just about summarizes my thoughts on this product!

Bad Kitty Butterfly Nipple Clamps are available online from Lovehoney!

8 thoughts on “I Tried Nipple Clamps Again… And Fell In Love The Third Time Around! (Bad Kitty Butterfly Nipple Clamps Review, And How To Use Nipple Clamps Properly!)

  1. Wow! I was totally doing it wrong last time with the clamps I had! 😮 Elena, thank you for writing this post because it has me intrigued to try again. I’m going to go check out Lovehoney and see if I can find some for me!! Great job!! Xx

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  2. Penny, when I read about your anxieties in Daddy C’s post it inspired me to write because I realised that maybe more people than just me weren’t getting them on correctly. Definitely, definitely look at adjustable clamps and have a look for ones without a chain too, which ate lighter. I’m considering some vibrating clamps as a sort of late birthday present to myself! Xx

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  3. Very well written, Mrs Wolfie. Quite often implements are either misused, or they don’t get the right thing that suits them and just write them off. Kudos to you for being open and experimenting with another type of clamp. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on here with us.

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  4. I’ll have to try another type of nipple clamp, too. Those are really pretty, too. 🙂 I have magnetic clamps and they’re REALLY hard to get on and excruciating to take off. My nipples are extremely sensitive plus they’re not super pointy like some women have. Makes putting the magnetic ones on more work than any pleasure I get from them. Seems shopping is in order! 🙂 Thank you!

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  5. It seems I shall have to write up a blog post on nipple clamps 🗜
    Both purchased and ‘budget’
    Most reputable suppliers do provide some, ‘how to use’ type information, however customer, in their excitement may not read it


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