A Mini-Rant: The Jar Opener That Isn’t

Hey lovelies,

I just wanted to share with you the jar opener that wasn’t really a jar opener at all!

At a lot of you know, I have nerve damage in my right hand so jars are something that I really struggle with. Sadly, my favourite blue easy grip jar opener has gone home, so I needed something to replace it. That was when I stumbled upon this robust-looking thing.

Sadly, when I opened it and tried to use it this afternoon, it failed to impress. Far from gripping the lid and twisting it off, it it slid around and scraped the paint off. Far from removing the lid, it buckled the metal and crimped it underneath the rim. Instead of making my job 5x easier, it ended up making my job 10x harder. In the end, I ended up severely hurting my wrist, just to get to this week’s portion of Uncle Ben’s!

If you want a jar opener, make sure it’s not one like this one. If you want something that’ll strike the fear of all things holy into any male submissive, then this medieval-looking torture gadget is probably the very thing to get!

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