Ramble: Short Screws & Long Screws (Humour)

Good evening lovelies,

I’ve noticed that a lot of you love the more humourous moments with my good Sir. Although these posts will be a lot shorter than my more informative writes, I said earlier this week that I wanted to feature more of them on my blog. The how-tos are helpful, but life is a lot better with humour!

For our sixth wedding anniversary, I bought my Ten Shades a wooden wall-mounted bottle opener with iron fixings. a combination of modern and contemporary gifts. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, it refused to stay hung up on a hook and so I had to drill into the wall and mount it with a screw.

When Wolfie got home from work this evening, he noticed that I’d put the bottle opener back up again.

“I didn’t need a long screw, just.. a short one” I said, almost immediately regretting my choice of words.

“No? Didn’t want a long screw?” he asked, grinning at me. I blushed.

“A short screw was fine” I said, trying to keep the conversation pleasant.

“Sometimes a short screw is all you need” he purred.

It’s not hard to see why I married him 😉

Stay well and have a good evening, friends!

Hugs & kinky cuddles,

Elena xx

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