The Importance Of Consistency In BDSM Relationships

Over the past few days, my good Sir and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. Having talked a lot and left no stone unturned we both realised something; neither of us have been particularly consistent. Consistency: the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way: Definition from the Cambridge Dictionary In most... Continue Reading →

Ramble: Being A Good Girl

How far away are you? I was frantic. I wanted to play, but not play with something that I had every intention to sell. Shops, why?, he replied. Ookay, I can probably do a quick picture then hehe. You can do the picture when I'm at home? No! I don't wanna model the bondage stuff,... Continue Reading →

Beginners: Dynamic Types & Roles

Hello my lovelies, As we get a little bit further into my workshop, it's time for us to start discussing the different relationship dynamics that you might see in the BDSM community, the differences between them. There are quite a few, but here are some of the more common ones that you are likely to... Continue Reading →

Ramble: French Lessons

This morning, I woke up to find a piece of paper on our dining table that was weighed down by a dark chocolate Bounty bar. On the paper was a short, sweet and simple message: Pour vous, W x Not to be outdone, I decided to send him a brief text with what little French... Continue Reading →

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