What Customer Service? (A Rant)

Good afternoon lovelies, Sadly, today's post is nothing kinky and more of a forewarning for any of my British friends to say that, if you consider ordering anthing from Currys PC World, do not. DO NOT. I mean it, I will hunt you down and I will spank you for your sins! Bare-bottomed and over... Continue Reading →

Lunch-time Musings Of A Masochist

Good afternoon lovelies, I'm back with another of my musings posts while I devour my slightly overbaked Cornish pasty. It's peppery, it's steaky and it's oh-so-deliciously West Country. Tonight is playtime, yay! My evil. sadistic, meanest person on the planet turned me down last night, all the while tormenting me about being his "helpless little... Continue Reading →

I Broke A Rule

I broke a rule. I know, I'm a very, very bad girl. I always told myself not to combine my work space and my sleep space, but when you live in such a ridiculously small space like we do, sometimes you really have no choice. I deliberated for days on where the hell I was... Continue Reading →

13/10/2019 – Going Forward

Hey lovelies, In the early hours of Saturday 13th October, I find myself awake at the dining table of my chalet and writing my last blog post for this vacation. It's been a great break, but to be honest, I have things and plans to sort out, and I'm ready to go home and get... Continue Reading →

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