A Day Out With Daddy Wolfie

Good evening lovelies,

This morning I woke up in an unusually Little mood. It doesn’t happen often, but it usually happens after a night of fun. I won’t go too much into the details of last night, other than to say it involved some role reversal, a messy handjob and lots of extensive edging 😉

I ummed and arred this morning about writing a post about my very own Little Speak. I don’t entirely use the same “Little Speak”that a lot of Littles use, I’ve sort of made up my own. Off the top of my head, here are a few:-

  • “Snugs” – Snuggles, hugs
  • “Nugs”, or “nugnugs” – chicken nuggets
  • “Ouchie” -An injury
  • “Pookie” – Illness
  • “Tiss” – Kiss
  • “Oh noes” – Sex, or anything related to sex

On not less than three occasions in the past 24 hours, “Daddy” has nearly passed from my lips. I staved off of it, having scattered my father’s ashes at sea yesterday. I got the feeling in my heart and in my head that “Dad” was on my mind, and in a way, `Daddy” was just letting that come to the surface. Try as I might to fight it though, eventually, I just had to let it be.

Last night was fun and messy, no holds barred here people, I do love giving the occasional handjob. It takes me back to my youth, back to a time when cocks were so novel and new and fun to play with. Work them right and you would be rewarded with one hell of a sexy show, so when I get the chance, I don’t like to refuse. When he told me to stop, I was quick to oblige, after all, why rush a good thing?

So this morning I woke up feeling like a filthy, dirty teenager again. I’d given my “boyfriend” a mindblowing handjob and now I was going to be around my family like nothing happened. That was an aphrodisiac unto itself.

We popped down to the quaint village of Perranporth for some souvenir shopping. As we walked back up from the coastal car park, Wolfie asked me if I had chance to make a shopping list.

“Did you make a list, and did you check it twice?” he asked, smirking at me.

“I did” I said, matter-of-factly.

“You’re definitely naughty” he growled.

“And you’re definitely nice” I smiled back. Game. Set. Match.

As we wandered, I browsed for a couple of souvenirs to take back to Bristol. I knew exactly what I wanted – a new moneybox that wasn’t our old vintage cookie jar. We have a Cornish pasty shaped money pot that we use for the pound coins for electricity for the next year, but nothing for everything else.

There, on the shelf, I spotted Simon the seagull.

Simon had to come home with us. He was perfect and I wanted him. He would compliment our lounge, without making it feel too nautical.

In the next store, I spotted water bottles reduced to clear. When I picked the pink one up, some of the sparkles rotated in the bottle. Holy shit!

On the shelf, there was a choice of three colours. Pink with pink sparkles, blue with blue sparkles, or black with iridescent sparkles. I chose the black one.

Satisfied that I’d bought everything I wanted and needed, we headed back to the car. Once we were reunited with my mother and brother, we all headed for the coastal beach of Portreath for one last time.

Sadly, Portreath was windy and rainy and we ended up watching a stormy tide crash over the rocks while we ate fish and chips in the car. Daddy ordered chicken nuggets and chips for me as he knew I loved the chicken nuggets from the Atlantic fish bar – chunks of real, unprocessed chicken breast, covered in crispy batter, plus a can of fizzy Vimto to wash it all down which I haven’t got to open yet.

As we sat watching the breakers, my Mum realised how long Wolfie and I have been together.

“Nearly fourteen years?!” She exclaimed, “one more and you will have done a life sentence.”

“I know, you’d have thought I’d been good enough for a probation, too” I said, glancing at Wolfie. He shot me a darkened look and smiled.

On the way home, we stopped off in Aldi. Wolfie stayed in the car and I ran into the store for some ice cream. As always, I made sure to make some time to explore the bargain bins in the middle of the store, where I saw the cutest, whitest, fluffiest dog stuffie that I have seen. With a patch over his eye and spotty paw pads, I knew that I had to have him.

As I lifted him out of the bin, I felt something hard in his back. This cute puppy would play nursery rhymes to me if I squeezed him. I sighed. He was cute, but I’m not that Little. Defeated, I returned him to the bin.

“Au revoir, friend, I will write about you”, I said.

I headed around to the ice cream and scanned for something light for after steak, There was cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake or Madagascan vanilla. Smiling to myself, I picked out the vanilla.

As I returned to the car, Wolfie noticed me carrying my stash of delights.

“What have you bought?” he asked.

“Two packets of Aldi chocolate bars to try, I explained as I passed him the two packets of Moser Roth chocolate bars.

“Something to make the bedroom smell better” I said, passing him the lime, basil and mandarin reed diffuser.

“And dessert for after steak tomorrow” I said, passing him the tub of Madagascan vanilla ice cream. “I thought you might like it.”

The look Wolfie shot me told me that my choice of dessert might have been a step too far 😉

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