10/10/2019 – Your New Pub Grub Critics!

As another feature of our blog, Wolfie and I have decided to start visiting and critiquing mid-range “pub grub” establishments. We enjoy typical British pubs and bars for their homely food and atmosphere so we decided to give a really honest account of our go-tos, and our don’t-go-tos!

A Little Bit About Wolfie

Wolfie worked in the food industry for more than two years . He has experience with serving food and has many additional years experience in customer service in other roles since. He has high expectations for friendliness, professionalism and time-keeping and a love for a perfectly-cooked medium-rare steak!

A Little About Me

As a sensualist, I have a taste for good food. I have eaten in some five-star establishments and know a good 100% beef beefburger when I see one! I expect my food to be hot, juicy and tasty and will be critical of flavour and atmosphere. If it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, you can be sure it won’t be getting a five-star rating!

What We Will Be Reviewing

Our reviews will be broken down into 3 categories- Food, Service and Atmposphere. Once a month, we will be visiting a typical British pub and be ordering from the menu. Each pub needs to offer delicious food, a warm, friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service to receive a full fifteen stars. If it doesn’t, the stars won’t mount up!

All of our reviews are honest, unbiased reviews as genuine paying customers. We do not advertise our blog to merchants or offer “exposure” in return for free food. If a pub receives five stars from us, it’s because it was deserved!

Do you know of a pub we should review? Contact us!

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