13/10/2019 – Going Forward

Hey lovelies,

In the early hours of Saturday 13th October, I find myself awake at the dining table of my chalet and writing my last blog post for this vacation. It’s been a great break, but to be honest, I have things and plans to sort out, and I’m ready to go home and get them seen to.

While I’ve been away, I’ve had time to think about a few things for my blog. So going forward, here are the changes that you’re going to see.

Only 1-2 blog posts per day

Unless there is a reason for me to write more than one post, I am only aiming to write one post per day. Instead of writing only a few hundred words, that allows me to spend more time on producing one decent-length, informative post. I’ve written more than 100 posts now, so I have a good foundation for my blog.


In the time that I save from writing blog posts, I plan to start assembling my first e-books. I have plans to write a recipe book, some short erotica and our story which I hope will be available for you soon. Keep your eyes peeled for those!

More reviews

Wolfie and I really love reviewing things. Whether it’s products, venues, or apps, we really love discussing our experience and sharing our thoughts with you. As we’re both big foodies, most of our reviews will be on pubs near and surrounding Bristol, but be sure to watch out for other reviews, too!

A return to ASMR?

One of my subscribers has requested that I return to making ASMR videos, so I am willing to try and explore that avenue again for you guys. I stopped before as my channel didn’t really happen, but maybe I should bite the bullet, invest in some proper gear and see where we go from there. Will EnglishTinglesASMR take off once and for all? Watch this space for more!

That’s all from me, folks. It’s now 00:30 here in a very cold and dark Cornwall and I’m up at 07:30, so I really need to try and get some sleep!

Stay safe and I shall see you all when I get back to Bristol!

Hugs & kinky cuddles,


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