We Tried 3 Apps For Couples (Reviews)

Something that Wolfie and I always struggle with is coming up with new and exciting ideas for activities to do together. We communicate great, we rarely argue and we’re pretty affectionate to one another, but when it comes to getting ourselves out of a rut, we get a bit stuck.

As winter draws in, our list of things to do becomes more and more limited. Sure, there is the German market,, but what about after that? Refusing to give in, we explored 3 different couples apps in the run up to winter, with varying results.


Kindu works by giving you both daily “decks” of 12 cards with activities you can do. You can either decline an idea, select “maybe” if you’re agreeable to an idea (but not mad for it) or ‘heart’ it if you’re totally for it.

The pros: The nice thing about Kindu is that, if you decline an idea, your partner won’t know. It only shows ideas as either a match if you both select maybe, or a ‘strong match’ if you both ‘heart’ it.

The cons: At first, Kindu seemed to be full of sweet ideas. The cards suggested writing love letters, dancing together and taking time to cook dinner together, but then things turned really sexual. Before too long, Kindu was suggesting we installed suspension rigs in our bedroom and found ourselves a Hummer to have sex in!


Carddecks promises to aid communication by offering ideas or questions in a range of categories. Rather than requiring you to both install the application, you install it on one device, and then share.

The Pros: Carddecks contains different categories with different ideas, aimed at improving communication. Whether it be activities to try or questions to ask, the ideas help you to better understand your partner. Unlike Kindu, Carddecks doesn’t only focus on sex but on your relationship as a whole. For this reason, we agreed that it was great for couples who were really in a rocky place when it comes to effective communication.

The Cons: Unfortunately, the fact that the app requires you to discuss with one phone means that you need to be together to use it. Unlike some other applications, there was no way to check in and add anything or suggest an activity while you were apart. There are also no graphics, aside for colourful backgrounds. For that reason, it was more like a quick-dash mini eBook than an app, and only scored two stars from us.


Desire in an app for couples which invites you to “dare” each other to complete a task for points. Your partner typically receives 7 days (which you can adjust) to complete a task, ranging from something quite fun and flirty to something sexy and silly.

The pros: Where to begin with the pros of Desire?! We really love the fact that when you dare your partner, it appears in their list of dares as a scratch card and they need to ‘scratch’ away the silver to reveal the dare, which creates a fun and novel twist. Desire also has a fun retro graphics theme, which I loved. Some of the dares are also mild but sweet or spicy, depending on your partner. I dared Wolfie to kiss me unexpectedly in public. Far from making it a sweet gesture, he definitely went all out on making it an oh la la moment! Desire also has built in to-do lists, shopping list, journal, messaging, badges and ‘eLove’ messages, which earns you more magic coins!

The cons: Unfortunately, we had to take a star from Desire because you can only have three active dares at a time. A lot of categories are also locked, and you need 100 magic coins to unlock them. You also need to rack up points with some seemingly silly dares to unlock better dares, making it quite hard to progress.

Which couples apps have you tried? Let me know your suggestions in the comments and we will review them, too!

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