I Broke A Rule

I broke a rule. I know, I’m a very, very bad girl.

I always told myself not to combine my work space and my sleep space, but when you live in such a ridiculously small space like we do, sometimes you really have no choice.

I deliberated for days on where the hell I was going to fit a desk into our tiny lounge. I mean, our bedroom was our bedroom so it would all have to go into the lounge, but then the thought struck me,

I write about BDSM, I do BDSM in my bedroom, so what if I set myself up to write about BDSM where I practice BDSM?

I looked at the chest of drawers that currently occupies the corner where my desk would go. There is already a lamp there, a cream white one, so it would go perfectly and give my desk that nice executive feel. I’ve even ordered myself a cream leather chair with black legs to compliment it. Four legs, none of that wheelie castor business in the bedroom.

The desk I ordered has 3 shelves on it which face the bed, so to keep it feeling like a sleep space and a work space, I’m putting books and ornaments on the shelves. That way, it won’t feel like work invades with sleep so much. My lapop also fits perfectly in a drawer while it charges overnight, so once I’m done, that’s it, away it goes and back into bedroom zone this rooms goes, all in time for Wolfie to come home.

One thing our vacation did teach me was to keep a blindfold and cuffs by the bedside. At the moment, everything is away out of sight and out of mind, which is great for privacy, but hey, this is our bedroom! Nobody should be coming in here except us! So what if we have a pair of cuffs and a blindfold on the bedside table? Nobody should be looking! I want to embrace this room. I want to embrace who we are and what we do, sensual, kinky, us.

Writing about BDSM in a place where I practice BDSM feels sort of… homely. I am where I need to be to write about this stuff, rather than hunched over my dining table with my dog at my feet. In a way, and thanks to the safety gate which keeps his muddy little paws out of the bedroom, I’ve gained a sort of two-for-one office space, too. One where I don’t have the dog demanding my time and attention.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot to do to get everything where it needs to be. I have a wardrobe to assemble on Thursday and plenty of furniture I need to give away or sell. Things aren’t what they need to be, and probably won’t be for a week or two, but by my goal is to get things up together and create our play space again in time for Friday week, with my new blogging and ASMR space in situ. We shall see.

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