A Long Ass Week/ A Difficult Conversation (Ramble & Updates)

Good evening lovelies,

It’s been a long ass week but you know what? Finally, I’m here. Finally, I’m back to you all and finally I can sit down and write to and for you all again. I’m celebrating 73 subscribers with a large glass of rosé wine while I do, too. A toast to you all, you fabulous people!

There are things in the pipeline and I promise they will get done over the next week. You haven’t been far from my mind, my dears, it was just real world stuff that went and threw me a curveball, right at the beginning of the week!

After our vacation, Wolfie and I agreed we needed to sort a few things. I decided to do away with my dresser and get myself a wardrobe and a desk. The desk was easy to build, but the wardrobe not so much. I also ordered a new coffee table (our old one had a wonky leg that I just could not fix) and some interior shelves for our wardrobes. All sounds great, doesn’t it? It was, except the wardrobe, the coffee table and the shelf units all turned up on the same freakin’ day! Make no mistake, I’m not adverse to getting stuck in with a bit if DIY when I have to, but having 4 pieces of furniture to assemble while Wolfie was at work was beyond a joke. Curse my Dad for teaching me to do DIY, I’m now the Bob the builder in my marriage, and nearly all of the DIY falls on me. Alas, Dad wanted me to be fully self-sufficient, heaven forbid I never found myself a husband (and I did, just not one who does DIY! *eye roll*).

Nonetheless, with lots of breaks, painkillers and time I managed to get the job done. Aside from all of the hammering and screwing (giggity), there have been some exciting new developments in the digital world, too. I bought myself a wonderful new Blue Yeti microphone on Wednesday so I’ve been looking forward to getting back into making ASMR. I have some ideas in the line-up, I just have to make them work. I managed to connect my laptop to my new microphone but it refused to store any audio, I think, most likely due to a memory issue. If anyone with a more technical mindset has any thoughts or suggestions as to why WIndows Voice Recorder crashes instead of saves, do let me know in the comments please,and thankyou 🙂

The last few days have also been dotted with infrequent ‘letters’ on the penpal app, Slowly, from a man from further north who was interested in my need and desire to write erotica. Well friends, that/s a very interesting question and something that I decided to address on my blog, as to my desire to write about and discuss BDSM on the whole. I was able to give him a reasonable (if seemingly unsatisfactory) explanation, but this evening I sat down and made a list of a full 8 reasons as to why I run this blog which I decided to share with you lovely people, so without further ado:

  1. I’m a very sensual person

People quite often believe that being sensual equates to enjoying sex, but that’s not necessarily true. Being sensual means to simply enjoy the senses, to be present and to feel alive. Whether it’s the wind in your hair or that sheet-gripping climax, it’s all about the senses. I enjoy good food, fine wine, candlelight and classical music. I live for the moment and enjoy the moment. Life is for living.

2. I believe that BDSM really can boost your mental health

Being my husband’s submissive has made me feel more beautiful and confident, and I believe that it absolutely can help anyone else, too. If we’re promoting exercise (which releases the same endorphines), then why aren’t we promoting BDSM?! It might not be for everyone, but neither is hitting the gym!

3. I enjoy giving for the sake of giving

People, all of the information you can find on my blog is there for free. There are numerous websites and resources out there where you’d have to pay for the privilege, but I’m here sharing with you what I know because I want it to help you, and I hope that it does. I don’t know you, but I care about you and I care about your happiness. I hope that reading my story and my experiences might make you decide that you want a slice of this kinky pie, too!

4. I’m sex-positive

When I was a little girl, my mother told me one of the biggest fibs of all – She told me that women, you heard me ladies, women, collectively, don’t enjoy sex. Furthermore, she also told me that if I led on my back and spat in the air, I could spit higher than a man can ejaculate. Of course that made me think sex was boring and painful, so when I discovered that sex was actually pretty freakin’ wonderful, of course I cared about it. If you aren’t enjoying it, I hope that people like me can help you find that little something more so that you can!

5. I believe we should destigmatize sex & BDSM

Let us be clear, we can talk about sex without personifying it. It’s one thing for me to suggest something for you to try, but it’s quite another for me to tell you about the time I tried said activity. Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey, people have been more open about BDSM play. It happens, people do it, people are kinky. When we don’t talk about sex, we increase the risk of STI’s and pregnancy. When we don’t talk about BDSM, we raise the risk of someone doing it incorrectly. One person not tying a knot incorrectly is potentially one life saved. If I have knowledge that I can share here and know to help you kink safely, of course I want to share it.

6. I’m here for the next generation of kinksters and perverts

If you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that I am from a kink-friendly family. In 2008, my parents quit the BDSM community and I was on my own. In years to come (not yet!), I too may quit the BDSM scene and there will be another young person to take my place. Imagine if, by sharing my knowledge, I can make sure the next generation of kinksters learns to kink safely? What if my blog was a sort of legacy for safe, fun BDSM? We can all leave something good behind, and safe, kinky sex doesn’t seem like such a bad gift to me!

7. I love to love

I love to love. I have so much love to give and consider myself “polyish”. While inherently monogamous, I have some people in my life that I just love, intensely, for whatever reason. Even without that, I love to give to people, and if something I write helps or entertains you then I am happy. For so long as you enjoy what I do, I shall continue to write and create.

8. I’m here to socialize

Above all else, my blog is a great place to connect with other kinky bloggers, and there are thousands of us out there with out own tales to tell. Sure, I will be scrapping my NSFW posts at the request of my husband, but I will still be writing about other things, and writing my own erotica. I love connecting with you all! It fills my heart with joy to see subscription notifications because something I’ve written has resonated with my audience.

So there are my 8 reasons for blogging about BDSM. I can’t say as my new friendship lasted, but hey, it at least encouraged some content for my latest piece!

Have a lovely Sunday, folks!

Hugs & kinky cuddles,

Elena xx

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