What Customer Service? (A Rant)

Good afternoon lovelies,

Sadly, today’s post is nothing kinky and more of a forewarning for any of my British friends to say that, if you consider ordering anthing from Currys PC World, do not. DO NOT. I mean it, I will hunt you down and I will spank you for your sins!

Bare-bottomed and over my knee, which frankly is the way you deserve for such a foolish transaction (and no, that is not a reason to provide them with any custom if you haven’t already!).

But more on my story.

On Saturday, I ordered a new compact dishwasher from Currys PC World. We had one before, but when smoke starts coming out of the back of your dishwasher, it’s time to power that puppy down and put it out as waste. For a long time, we’ve made do without a dishwasher and it’s been okay, ish, except with Wolfie working full-time and me now blogging regularly, things just aren’t getting done like they should be.

So I caved, and I ordered a dishwasher.

You know the age-old saying, if something is too good to be true then it probably is? Why oh why did I not heed the warning?!

I saw the Currys PC World ESSENTIALS compact dishwasher and I clapped my hands with glee. £169.99? Next day delivery, even on a Sunday? Perfect!

Yeah, perfect indeed.

At least it could have been, you know, if Currys PC World actually showed up!

I waited in all day, 8-8pm, in case they showed up, and nothing, not even a phonecall. They even shipped the cold water inlet hose without a problem, but the dishwasher? They just forgot all about that.

I tried to find a tracking number so that I could track my order, nothing. All I had was an order number, and the customer services telephone number which closed at 6pm. At 7:50pm, that was of no use to me.

I called Currys PC World this evening and was passed from pillar to post. In the space of a twenty minute phonecall, I was promised a refund for the missed delivery (I’m still waiting for that) and an email that “should be within the next 2-3 days” to confirm a dispatch of our new dishwasher, however, even if the website promised that the item was in stock to be dispatched and delivered on a Sunday, the assistant I spoke with simply couldn’t tell me for sure when I’d get my purchase.

In other words, “you’ll get it when you get it”.

There are teams for this and teams for that, there is no straight forward customer service, there is the online orders team, the back office team, the “Knowhow” team, Enough with all the teams! Tell me where my order is, or tell me when I can expect it. If you can’t do that, refund me the the goods that haven’t been received as Currys PC World are obligated to do, under the Consumer Rights Act.

In all of my 13 years as an adult who is eligible to make online purchases, I have never received such abysmal customer service.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not let me catch you shopping in Currys PC World. Please, if you’re looking for electronics, I can’t fault Argos or AO for their deliveries made. If I find out you’ve shopped at the aforementioned electrics outlet, I will break the rules, scoop up all of our harshest implements and be on my merry little way – in fact, I’ll even pick up a wooden spoon in Wilko’s, too boot.

Just don’t do it, okay?!

Hugs & kinky cuddles,

Elena xx

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