I Broke A Rule

I broke a rule. I know, I'm a very, very bad girl. I always told myself not to combine my work space and my sleep space, but when you live in such a ridiculously small space like we do, sometimes you really have no choice. I deliberated for days on where the hell I was... Continue Reading →

13/10/2019 – Going Forward

Hey lovelies, In the early hours of Saturday 13th October, I find myself awake at the dining table of my chalet and writing my last blog post for this vacation. It's been a great break, but to be honest, I have things and plans to sort out, and I'm ready to go home and get... Continue Reading →

Emmet Elena’s Guide To Cornwall

In Cornwall, an "Emmet" is an individual who is visiting from outside the region, or has moved to the region from outside of it. Although 'Emmet' is typically derogatory in nature, most Cornish people are lovely, warm and welcoming, so 'Emmets' can be sure of a friendly welcome, provided that you treat the locals with... Continue Reading →

We Tried 3 Apps For Couples (Reviews)

Something that Wolfie and I always struggle with is coming up with new and exciting ideas for activities to do together. We communicate great, we rarely argue and we're pretty affectionate to one another, but when it comes to getting ourselves out of a rut, we get a bit stuck. As winter draws in, our... Continue Reading →

Pub Review: The Fort Inn, Newquay

★★★ The Fort Inn, 63 Fore St, Newquay, TR7 1HA The Fort Inn is a dog-friendly, family-friendly pub owned by St Austell Brewery. Boasting a selection of local ales and dishes, great views, regular events and an indoor and outdoor play area, The Fort Inn offers something for everyone. Price Range: ££ Wolfie Ordered: Surf... Continue Reading →

Pub Review: The Red Lion, Newquay

★★★★ The Red Lion, North Quay Hill, Newquay, TR7 1HE The Red Lion is a dog-friendly pub offering spectacular views across Newquay the Atlantic ocean. Situated on the corner of North Quay Hill, this establishment is well worth the visit, even if only for the scenery! Price Range: ££ Wolfie Ordered: Smothered chicken & chips... Continue Reading →

10/10/2019 – Your New Pub Grub Critics!

As another feature of our blog, Wolfie and I have decided to start visiting and critiquing mid-range "pub grub" establishments. We enjoy typical British pubs and bars for their homely food and atmosphere so we decided to give a really honest account of our go-tos, and our don't-go-tos! A Little Bit About Wolfie Wolfie worked... Continue Reading →

A Day Out With Daddy Wolfie

Good evening lovelies, This morning I woke up in an unusually Little mood. It doesn't happen often, but it usually happens after a night of fun. I won't go too much into the details of last night, other than to say it involved some role reversal, a messy handjob and lots of extensive edging ;)... Continue Reading →

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