Dishwashers, Dinners, Videos & Spankings – What A Week!

Good Evening lovelies,

Finally, FINALLY I have had the chance to sit down and write something purposeful and meaningful for you and I can safely say – whew, what a week!

My week started, really, on Sunday. I was expecting the delivery of a new dishwasher, as you may well know, which failed to turn up. Hmm. Nobody denies Princess Kitten Elena of her new dishwasher, so I got on the phone to Currys.

I played nice, I promise!


Look, all I’m saying is that I got a full £15 refund for the delivery and the promise of my new dishwasher in three days, m’kay?

And maybe some poor fella at Currys is now dealing with PTSD… aaanyway.

Tuesday, Wolfie and I went out for dinner to a marvelous, quaint little pub called The White Lion. If you’re in or around Bristol, UK, I strongly recommend it- ribs like that should be criminal! As we rode in the taxi for the short 5 minute journey, Wolfie and I discussed.. yep, transport.

“I’ve always wanted to ride in a helicopter, you know, over the cities and stuff, but Mum said it’s the worst method if you get travel sick”. I do, and I do.

Wolfie raised an eyebrow and, barely attempting to conceal his reference, he muttered to me “no escaping now”.

I gasped. So that’s the game he wants to play.

When we got into the pub, I made eye contact with a few of the regulars. Yes, ladies, him in the brown leather jacket, mine, my Ten Shades, m’kay?

Over dinner, we carried on our conversation. We talked about the food and what we liked and didn’t like (not much) about it.

“Where did you get those earrings from?” he said, interrupting my train of thought.

“Argos” I shrugged, apologetically. He grimaced. As soon as I’d said it, I knew that cheap, not-diamond jewellery wouldn’t sit well with him. Typical Ten Shades. All the jewellery he has ever bought me has been pure silver or gold with diamond, ruby or sapphire.

Wednesday, our new dishwasher came. A lovely big, white box full of racks and other bits and pieces. I was excited to get it set up, with the dishwasher set up, extra time would be mine again. Even as we speak, the dishwasher runs quietly in the kitchen and the Amos Eazy-Dry dries some towels for me, while I contently get on with blogging. They’re economical, quiet and wonderfully time-saving. I love it.

Unfortunately, plumbing in the dishwasher didn’t go as I planned and I took quite a few rebound blasts of icy cold water to the face, With teamwork, lots of banging, lots of cursing and a roll of PTFE tape, we finally had the lovely white box plumbed in. It has pretty teal lights, oh so very pretty teal lights. So far, I haven’t found a reason really not to love it. The time I’ve saved is frankly amazing.

With more time saved, one of the things I plan to get back into is the making and production of videos.

ASMR videos, that is.

I now have my Blue Yeti microphone with binaural sound and my Canon DSLR camera, along with my shiny new Acer Aspire 3 laptop. If I can’t create something better now than what I used to produce, having spent nearly a grand on bits and pieces to be able to blog and produce videos with more ease, I will eat my hat. Ultimately, through dedication, hard work and effort, I want all of this to become my work-from-home career. My passion is in helping people, even if how I help people is somewhat.. different.

Thursday started with drama, but passed relatively without event. I woke up to the kind of thing that no newbie plumber wants to find: A puddle, stemming from our fridge to the corner of the kitchen door. It didn’t seem to come from under the sink, but why would the fridge be leaking? No matter, as I approached, it wasn’t the fridge at all. Instead, when I opened the cupboard under the sink, I was greeted by the sight of an incessant drip from the cold water inlet, creating a waterfall effect on the edge of the cupboard that created a mini stream that flowed under the freezer section door. More cranking with a pair of pliers (and another good drenching or three), plenty of mopping and so far, it seems to be resolved.

For Thursday night, I made a mask out of ModRoc bandages, but then couldn’t find the red LED lights that I wanted to use to illuminate it. It was an idea from my late father, and something that I wanted to do in his memory given he planned to do the same with his radiotherapy mask. Sadly, he is no longer here to see to it, which leaves me to fulfill those impish little legacies. It would have been nice to do some of the haunting, but no matter. There is still next year.

A couple of times, we had Trick or Treaters. The beauty of where we live is that our front door is on the side of a converted house, so nobody knows we’re here. However, our upstairs neighbour has his door at the front of the house and so he takes all of the knocking and trick or treating. Meanwhile, I sat back in the lounge, sipping a hot cup of tea and giggling. Apparently, he heard me.

It’s not funny… okay, it is. He text me.

I laughed harder.

Friday was date night, which for once in our week, was actually a quiet event. The most exciting part of our evening was me forgetting to add any seasoning to our spaghetti bolognese, which could have been interesting, to say the least.

So that brings me to tonight, and where have things been today, well.. there is a reason I’m smiling.

You see, in among all of this chaos and bedlam, we’ve been exploring more and more spanking, and you know.. I can’t say as that I’m completely against it.

I’m tender, but not upset. It wasn’t a punishment, it was all in play, and it definitely, definitely wasn’t painful in the way that our impromptu little play session concluded. It turns out, Wolfie’s hand wrapped up in my hair is definitely one of my new favourite things 😉

I’m still trying to be my bratty, good old self. I’m still a brat, but there have been little changes in me. I’m now eating breakfast, proper breakfast, every morning without fail. And you know what? It feels good. 30g of Tesco’s dark chocolate granola with 1% milk. The chocolate curbs my need for more chocolate in the morning and the oats leave me satisfied for most of the day. It satisfies my desire for something dark over something sweet and fruity for breakfast, so it’s perfect.

But I’ve also started wearing lace thongs for my good Sir.

He commented on one that I wore one day, and that prompted me. I could afford to go out and buy some more now, and so I did.

And since then, I’ve hardly gone back to full briefs.

Yes, they do promote a change in me. I feel more feminine, but I’ve also got a new sexual energy that frankly I don’t think I’ve ever experienced. I’m dressing to please him, to please the way he wants me to be, and that in itself I find deeply rewarding.

This journey is ever full of twists, turns and wonderful, new adventures.

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