The Neighbour In Number 42 (Erotica)

Barry was always a lot older than I was. In his early-sixties, he was a retired mechanic with a short, stocky build and thinning hair. Each morning his wife, Linda, would leave for her job as a school receptionist and I would have Barry’s undivided attention all to myself. 

I loved it, and if his looks were anything to go by, then he loved it as well.

Barry and Linda had been together for many years. Although they seemed happy, they seemed unhappy at the same time. Linda was always stressed and had little interest in what Barry was up to. In a way, I felt sorry for Barry. He was probably only interested in me because he wasn’t getting any at home.

As Linda left for work, I smiled to myself. Enough, time to go and give the old man some attention.

“Good morning, Barry” I say as I stride out into the garden. I haul the refuse sack into the bin and close the lid down.

“Rochelle!” Barry exclaims, “you’re looking lovely, as always.”

“You like it?” I ask, turning and allowing his gaze to linger on my denim-clad ass. 

Dirty pervert.

“I do!” he grins. 

Spotting a few weeds growing along the path, I bend to pull them up. I don’t mind, I knew Barry was looking and I know I’d give him something to look at.


As I spin around, Barry is holding his hand.

“Barry! What’s wrong?” I ask, panicked.

“I just caught me finger in the fuckin’ door” he says, kneeing his old red Fiesta in a fit of rage.

“Let’s get you some ice, do you have any in your kitchen?” I ask.

I leave Barry sat on the couch and head into the kitchen. The house is modern and roomy, yet vintage at the same time. Black leather sofas and blue china crockery on solid oak shelves. As I expected, everything is clean and in its place. Linda really is a bit of a control freak.

“There,” I say, bending to apply the wrapped ice to Barry’s hand, “better?”

Barry nods and swallows.

“Fuckin’ hell, Rochelle” he whispers, “when did you grow them?”

I look down, catching Barry’s gaze on my voluptuous breasts, and blush.

“These? Kind of happens when a girl hits puberty” I giggle.

“I’ll say” he laughs.

“You can touch them if you want to” I whisper.

“What?”, Barry’s expression changes, I was sure he was trying to be outraged, but he looked like a kid who had received all of their Christmases, all at once.

“Touch them” I say again, more convincingly.

“Roch, I can’t. You know I’m married” Barry says, I could hear the disappointment in his voice.

“So? She’s not here, is she? Besides, it’s just a touch” I encourage.

Barry paused for a moment, and then he outstretches a hand and gives my breast a gentle squeeze. I moan.

“There” he says.

“Properly” I smile.

Barry pauses again, then cups my breast in his hand as his thumb circles my nipple. I sit over his lap and allowed him to enjoy the view.

“Do you want to see them?” I ask.

Barry’s eyes dart to mine, and then to the clock on the wall. Sensing his fear, I too look up. 

10:20am. Perfect.

“She won’t be home for four hours, she won’t know” I whisper.

“Fuck it, go on then. She won’t let me see and a man has gotta see sometimes” he says.

I smile, I knew that was the case.

I pull off my t-shirt and discard my bra on the chair. Pulling my hair tie from my hair, I allow my thick, brown curtain of hair to fall over my shoulders.

“What do you think?” I ask, smiling.

“Baby, they’re perfect” Barry whispers.

“Suck them if you want to” I smile.

“I better not,” Barry says, then sighs as he surrenders, “fuck it.”

I felt Barry’s warm mouth on my breast as his tongue danced over my nipple. I moan deeply, grinding against his now ridgid cock.

“Do you want to see the rest?” I ask, watching this dirty old man feast on my young, sweet flesh. Even if he was married, it felt undeniably good.

“Show me whatever you want me too see, baby” Barry purrs, his face still buried in my chest.

Standing up, I slide my skinny jeans down to reveal my pink lacy thong. I turn slowly, allowing Barry to admire the view. I had to admit, this was even getting me wet.

Strutting back over to the couch, I sat down next to Barry and spread my legs.

“Is that enough?” I ask, trying to seem serious.

“If that’s all you want me to see, yes” he says, trying not to sound disheartened.

“Barry, I think I want you to taste me” I whisper.

Barry stares at me, wide-eyed.

“Please, eat my pussy, if you want to” I plead.

Without hesitation, Barry kneels between my legs and hooks his fingers under my thong. I hear his gasp as he slides the material down, revealing my soft, smooth shaven pussy.

“Oh my god, Rochelle” he whispers, “I can’t believe you’re letting me do this.”

“Well, I am” I smile, pulling his face into me.

Barry moaned as his tongue found the first taste of my sweet juices. I moaned in response, arching my back against the cold leather sofa. Even I couldn’t believe i was doing this, not least with my married neighbour. Pretty soon, I was convinced, I’d even be fucking him.

Barry flicked his tongue over my pussy in light, feathery movements. Occasionally he’d suck my clit and alternate to long and slow licks. As I tensed and trembled, he focused on my clit, driving me further and further towards my orgasm.

I came hard, bucking and screaming as I did. I’d had orgasms before, but this was new, this was intense and unexpected. I’d never known my neighbour could do this.

Barry’s finger found my entrance and fucked me as I grinded against him. I was wet for him, wet and naked for my neighbour.

“Fuck me, please. Now” I moaned.

With one swift and unexpected move, Barry scooped me in his arms and flipped me, leaving me bent over the sofa.

I felt Barry’s old cock push at my wet slit. He was girthy but not particularly big. What if he stretched me wide?

“Is this what you want, little girl?” he growls. I groan.

“Yes, please” I moan.

“Yes please, what?” he insists

“Yes please, Barry” I whisper.

“No, it’s Sir until I’m finished with you, do you understand?” he growls, his hand on my shoulder. I bury my face into the sofa to hide my shame.

“Yes, Sir” I mutter. I’d never done these games with an older man before.

I felt Barry enter me and I felt Barry fuck me. I felt him fill, stretch and use my young and supple body, taking his fill of this opportunity. Finally, in this moment, he could meet his carnal need.

“How much do you like being fucked by your older neighbour, baby?” Barry asks.

“I like it a lot” I whimper between thrusts.

“Yeah? Does a dirty little whore like you love knowing what she does to me? Knowing what I’d do to her?”

“I.. I didn’t know” I insist.


An intense, burning pain spreads across my ass cheek.

“Don’t you ever lie to me, you fucking useless cunt. Come, I want to see what that lying little mouth of yours can do.”

With his hand wrapped in my hair, Barry sits next to me on the sofa and pulls me to his lap.

“Have you sucked a cock before?” he asks.

I nod.

“Of course you have, I bet you’re real good at it, too. Show me” he commands.

I begin sucking softly on the tip of Barry’s cock, tasting the sweet tanginess of myself.

“Properly!” he commands, pulling me onto his cock by my hair. I whimper and take him deeper into my throat.

“Yes! That’s what I’m fucking talking about!” he groans, “now suck Daddy’s cock, show Daddy what a good little slut you are.”

Lost in the moment, I continue sucking Barry’s cock. For the first time ever, it actually feels good to be used, especially in this way. Instinctively, i move my hands behind my back.

“Fuck! Look at you, you’re such a good little horny slut” Barry growls, “spread your legs, let me see that dripping cunt.”

I spread my legs wider and continue sucking, who knew Barry could be like this?

“I’m gonna cum, Roch. You want it?” 

I nod.

“You swallow?”

I shake my head.

“Here?” he says, caressing my breast again. 

I nod.

“‘Kay, I’ll tell you when. For now, keep sucking.”

I smile and nod, moving my hands in front of me and stroking Barry’s beautiful huge dick. I’d never wanted to see him cum before, but now, I couldn’t wait.

“Fuck, yes! Wank me onto your tits, baby. Make the old man spill his seed.”

I stop sucking Barry and increase my speed and grip. Feeling him pulse and throb in my hand, I can sense he’s close. I move closer, squeezing and pinching my breast with one hand as I stroke his hard cock with the other. 

“Cum for me.” I whisper.

“You fucking- urgh!”

I smile as one. Two. Three. Four jets of hot sperm land on my breasts. With each spurt, Barry flexes and tenses in my hand. As Barry comes down from his orgasm, I take his softening cock into my mouth and suck him clean.

“Fuck! Roch, stop. You’re gonna give the old man a heart attack!” Barry laughs. I grin at him, licking his saltiness from my lips.

“You taste good, though” I smile.

Noticing the time, I pull my thong and jeans back on. It’s been an hour, and I knew that Susy and Leanne, my best friends were viting this afternoon and would probably be waiting for me. As I dress, I pull my bra and t-shirt back on, covering my cum-covered breasts.

“Thankyou, Sir” I grin, before I head to the door and leave.

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