23/11/2019 – A Bit Of A Reshuffle

Hello lovelies,

Over the past few months I have come to realise that some of the things I have written here may be better over on my vanilla blog. While I’ve written reviews here, I realise that I’ve sort of abandoned the other one, and maybe I am bombarding y’all with too much mail.

So I’ve decided to to thin things out.

I will still be writing everyday (I’m serious about my blogs and kind of see them as my work), but I will be dividing my work between here and there. Here will remain focused on fun and BDSM, and my other blog will be dedicated to mental health, recipes, life stuff, opinions and reviews. If you still want to read that kind of thing from me, do please head on over and give my other blog a follow!

My plan of action is:

My Help On Monday – I’ll be writing about mental health, domestic stuff, tips for managing the home, tips for cleaning and the like. I’ll be talking about ways to help you cope with anxiety and depression and offering tips and tricks which I hope will help you throughout life. This post will be on my vanilla blog.

Talk About.. Tuesday: Here I’ll be talking about BDSM, teaching you the things I know and answering your questions. Have you got a burning question you need the answers to? Let me know! That post will be on here.

What’s Up? Wednesday: What’s going on with me? What’s happening? I get it, y’all care about me as a human as well as a BDSM blogger, so what’s going on? Maybe I’ve tried a new recipe, I’m doing something or going somewhere. I’ll let you know about that here. That post will also be here.

Thoughts On.. Thursday: Opinions time! Whether it’s a bar review or an opinion on a topic, Thoughts On.. Thursday will be exactly that.. my thoughts on a particular topic. Curious? That will be on my vanilla blog.

Fun on Friday: Finally! It’s the weekend! Let’s kick back and have some fun, shall we? I’ll share with you my plans (including a brief glimpse of the NSFW stuff here) and any other exciting news for the weekend, or week ahead. If you follow both blogs, you’ll get a SFW version, and a not so safe for work version – apologies.

Please note, I don’t blog on weekends! Even bloggers need some time off 😉

A little sidenote:

Some of you are probably wondering why I’m Elena here, but I use the name “Helen” on my vanilla blog? I am, by deed poll, Helen. However, I’ve used Elena as a pseudonym in the BDSM community for the past thirteen years. I have deliberated dropping Helen entirely and becoming Elena once and for all, but I will write more about that another time!

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Elena (Helen 😉 )

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