When DDLG Goes A Little Bit Wrong..

Last night, I led on our bed scrolling through the question on ‘Couple Game‘ in secret away from Wolfie. After all, it doesn’t really work if we share the answers, and there have definitely been plenty of surprises 😉

Now, like all people, when I lay on my bed, I don’t really think about the way I’m laying. On my stomach, legs bent up, ass in the air.

“Look at you, you look like one of those girls ,teasing all the boys,” Wolfie growled.

I giggled.

“Spank me, Daddy”

He did.

I giggled and bit my lip.


“Fuck, your ass is so perfect for spanking in those pyjamas.”

He landed 4-5 more blows and eventually, I had to move my hand back to stop him. I enjoyed our little bit of rough play, but I am still far too full of cold.

Even if it was fun, even if it was different, something about it felt wrong. He didn’t feel like my Daddy, he felt like my Dad, and that was an uncomfortable line to cross.

For the past thee months I have made one clear and concise division – Dad and Daddy are completely different.

I do love belonging to my Daddy, and I am proud to belong to my Daddy, but when it comes to incest roleplay, then it’s gone a little too far for me.

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