Fun On Friday: 40 Little Questions

Hello lovelies,

I decided to answer the ’40 Little Questions’ by K & D DDLG for today’s Fun on Friday post. I will copy the questions over into this post to make my answers easy to find and follow 🙂

  1. What’s your bedtime? Whenever the fook I feel like it 😉 but generally 00:30.

2. Do you like baths? They’re okay, but I prefer hot, steamy showers

3. Favourite candy? Probably Toffifee

4. Littlespace age? I’m more of a Middle, so around 10-14

5. Ideal pet? Definitely dogs! I love dogs soooo much! Especially fluffy little terriers 😀

6. Favourite Little hairstyle? “Fuck handles” 😉 (pigtails)

7. Favourite colour? Black? Purple? Maybe green?

8. Any talent? I can roll my tongue 😉

9. Favourite Littlespace song? Beauty & The Beast – Tale As Old Time. The Bing Bong song if I want to annoy Daddy 😉

10. Favourite holiday? Christmas

11. Favourite Little date? Definitely the aquarium with my Daddy. I love chilling out in the underwater tunnels 🙂

12. Favourite type of food? Undoubtedly Italian, it has to be. Good quality is essential, though!

13. Favourite Littlespace place? Probably the aquarium. I love the aquarium. Can you tell that I love the aquarium?

14. Any hobbies? Cooking, writing. Other than that, not really. I just live for each day 🙂

15. Do you work? Not by definition, but I am a housewife & blogger

16. Are you a student? Only for Daddy 😉

17. Favourite Little accessory? A couple of hair bands. What? Pigtails get me out of (or into) anything 😉

18. What triggers your Littlespace? Seeing something cute, Daddy pointing out something cute, being in trouble and trying to wriggle my way out of it…

19. Favourite board or card game? 52 card pick-up. Oh what, you’ve never played? I’ll deal. Ready? 😉

20. Ideal caregiver? One who can handle me 😉 (that’s going to smart 😀 )

21. Do you get bedtime stories? Well Rufus the Dragon appeared this one time.. but not really anymore, no.

22. Favourite Littlespace outfit? Black glittery tee, black boots and jeans.

23. Favourite Littlespace activities? Playing with my phone, listening to music, being a brat to Daddy.. 😉

24. Have any Little friends? Not in real life, no.

25. Favourite stuffies? Argh! Badocks the bear, Mr Pretty, Pirate Perran and Porth (I got them at Perranporth, I got 2 bears because my Daddy is soft nice 😉 )

26. Do you play video games? Not until recently, then my husband introduced me to Golf With Your Friends..

27. Ever been a Little in public? Yes! We saw an empty swing set at a bird sanctuary and you know.. sometimes you just gotta! Daddy even pushed me. My family thought we were crazy, little did they know 🙂

28. Favourite Little movies/shows? Beauty & The Beast (the original), I love You’ve Been Framed as well. A bit of classic British TV, that!

29. Best memory in Littlespace? Going to the aquarium with Daddy, however many times we’ve been now. Kitten’s been good? Daddy’s gonn’ go see the fishies. It’s called a compromise 😉

30. Do you have rules to follow? A few. No saying c*nt or t*at. No self harm. Eat sensibly and regularly. Always be respectful (doesn’t mean I can’t be cheeky, but there are boundaries!)

31. Favourite Little snack? I’d say still chicken nuggets, but they’re so unhealthy..

32. Who knows you’re a Little? Outside of Daddy, my brother and my good friend, Bill 🙂

33. How often are you Little? It varies. Normally just on weekends when I’m more relaxed.

34. What causes you to throw tantrums? Not getting my way! I’m a typical Type A woman, and when all of the normal ploys don’t work, I get moody. I’ll insist I’m the boss (because I am, of the home) and Daddy will say I’m not, then it all escalates from there.

35. Do you enjoy any art? Doing or looking at? I mean.. I got a D in art & design so it’s not really my strong subject..

36. Do you have Littlespace toys? I can make something out of anything. I am very imaginative.

37. Last time in Littlespace? This.

38. Habits you do only in Littlespace? Kick my legs. Giggle. Play with my hair.

39. Ideal superpower Mind control. Then I could get Daddy to fill my empty Juicy and I wouldn’t have to do it myself 😉 (NB. Just before posting this post, he did offer me juice so maybe I have superpowers after all! 😉 )

40. Do you use diapers, pacifiers, bottles or sippy cups? Juicy 2.0 (the first was a plain purple Sistema bottle that got bad) is clear with iridescent sequins and a black cap, The sequins are in a vacuum bit, so you can tap them down, shake them up and change the way your bottle looks. It’s kinda fun and cool.

Have an awesome Friday, lovelies!

Hugs & kinky cuddles,

Elena xx

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