Here Comes Trouble! (Humour)

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to share with you this little bit of bratting because I thought it’d give you all a chuckle ready for the start of the weekend. It’s a little glimpse of little me when she is in super bratty silly mode, yay!

Wolfie: (Punishment tickles)

Me: No! Okay, okay! I’m sorry!

Wolfie: (Walks away)

Me: (Mumbles) Cutie..

Wolfie: Trouble.. With a big T!

Me: (thinks about Wolfie’s note-taking handwriting) And a Big R…. and a little O if I know you..

Wolfie: What’s that? You want spelling lessons?

Me: No, don’t need them. Look! (Thinks) ..then a big U, a little B.. a big E and a big L. Yay!

Wolfie: (Quizzical look) That’s not how you spell ‘trouble’?

Me: (winks) Depends who you ask

Wolfie: Yeah? Well I’m looking at it

Me: No, stupid head. You’re not looking at the spelling of ‘trouble’. You’re looking at the definition of it!

A little later in the evening..

Wolfie: Why did the dog’s chocolate drops come with some soft foam packaging?

Me: I think it came with my Christmas jumper, actually.

Wolfie: That makes even less sense. Why would you pack something soft and fluffy with something soft and fluffy?

Me: And that’s why you’d need no packaging..

Wolfie: (Deathly Dom stare) You are seriously heading for a spanking this evening!

Enjoy your weekend, folks. I’ll be back on Monday, if I can sit down 😉

Hugs & kinky cuddles,

Elena xx

PS. I should probably be grateful that the cold is lingering for this curry night, too – otherwise I’d be for it!

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