Bad Girl (Humour)

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to write for you this morning and share the little bit of humour that happened on Thursday evening. I’m still waiting for Sleeping Beauty to get his snoozy butt out of bed so we can think about heading into town, so it seems like a perfect opportunity for writing a quick blog post 😉

I wrote my thoughts on A Good Girl’s Guide To Kinky Sex on Thursday and I told Wolfie that I’d had a few likes on it, and that it’d been my most popular post for the day. Casual conversation, as you do.

Only, my tongue slipped and I actually called it the Bad Girl’s Guide To Kinky Sex.

“No, wait. It’s the GOOD girl’s guide, not the bad girl’s guide,” I said, correcting myself.

“I was going to say. If it was the bad girl’s guide, surely it would be written by you?” Wolfie teased.

The cheek of it!

Bubble waffles are on Wolfie today, I think 😉

Have an awesome weekend, folks!

Elena xx

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