On The Naughty List! (Humour)

Good afternoon lovelies,

This post comes after one of my “funny five minutes” episodes last night. Wolfie had shaved his beard and made a passing joke that his beard was smoother than my lady garden (point made, I’ve had a busy weekend!) so I shot back that he had more hair elsewhere. Wolfie retorted that it would look strange if he shaved downstairs because it would look like a plucked chicken, or rather, to keep within the festive spirit, a plucked turkey. That quickly led to one of our verbal sparring matches.

Not to be outdone, I took mere seconds to formulate a response.

Game on!

“Hmm, maybe, but you know I like a good stuffing” I smirked.

“Hey baby, can I tickle your brussel sprouts?” I added, almost surprised at myself.

“Sleep, it’s too late to empty my sack now” Wolfie growled. Poor guy, he was up at 5am and I was in one of those moods.

“Hmm… only if you promise you’ll come in my chimney” I grinned. Elena!

“I’ll bet you have an extra big Christmas present for me..” I purred, kissing Wolfie’s stomach, half mischievously and half with intent. I was 50/50 about how this was going to land up.

“I need to sleep, I’m up at five. Would you like me to call you up then, too?” Wolfie warned. He was trying to sound strict but he, too, was laughing.

“It depends how you’re planning to wake me?” I whispered, grinding lightly against him.

“Goodnight, dear” Wolfie sighed.

I led in silence for a while, trying to stifle the giggles.

“Hey Daddy, can I suck on your candy cane?” I giggled between intermittent kisses on his soft, warm skin.

Now I really wasn’t sure I was none committal. I was quite fully committal, in fact.

“Goodnight, dear!” Wolfie said sternly.

Admitting defeat, I rolled over and grinned to myself, smiling up at the dimly lit ceiling.

“Suffice to say, I am definitely, definitely. definitely on the naughty list!” I laughed.

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