Intermediate: What To Hit, And How To Hit It

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve been promising for weeks that I will get onto the ‘Intermediate’ section of my BDSM workshop but unfortunately I got swept aside after my vacation to support my family through grief. Nonetheless, I am back with a vaguely informative infographic drawn by none other than yours truly.

The above and below image (so important, I used it twice) lays out what is okay and not okay to hit. To further help you, I have also laid out some basic advice and some should-be-obvious tips for safe and fun impact play.

A safety tip

Before you practice impact play on any willing bottom, be sure to get plenty of practice on a piece of soft furniture first. I used to practice on a nice, plump pillow, but you could also use a duvet, a bed or the back of the sofa. The point of practice is to understand the weight of your chosen implement and how to handle it. Aim consistently and repeatedly for the same spot. When, and only when you’re comfortable and happy with your abilities can you move on to a moving target *sadistic smile*.

The above graphic highlights in red, amber and green – like the traffic lights. The red areas are the areas we do not hit, amber areas are areas that can be approached with care by someone who is confident and knowledgeable, and green areas are generally considered safe targets, as long as your careful. You will notice two black X marks on the back of the thighs. That, my friends, is the sweet spot, and there is one on each side. Strike that once or twice and your submissive willthink twice about ever smart-mouthing you again. Or at least some of them will, anyway 😉

To help you further, let’s talk about the various parts of the body and what we can do with them:


It should go without say, but at least for now, never, ever strike the head, and certainly never with any implement. The head is full of sensitive organs and thousands of nerves which are very close to the surface. A rapidly-moving throng from a flogger could cost cost someone an eye. Just don’t do it, please. Face slapping is one thing, but should only ever be attempted after plenty of research.


Never, ever, just no. Your neck contains your windpipe, your carotid artery, your jugular vein and the top of your spine. If you damage one of these, you could easily end up paralysed, or worse. Don’t chance it.

Upper Body – Chest

The chest should be approached lightly and with caution. Although some enjoy chest and breast impact play, the area can be extremely sensitive and should be approached lightly and with caution. Make sure you are confident in the handling of your chosen implement before attempting any chest impact play, and have your submissive partner look up for this scene, thereby reducing the risk of hitting them in the face. A criss-crossing stroke with a flogger is probably best for this area, but canes, belts and tawses are sometimes used by more knowledgeable and experienced players. Avoid impact to the sternum area, which sits over the heart. A light stroke with a soft flogger can be extremely sensual, but breast caning is a favourite for more sadistic and masochistic players, too.

Upper Body – Shoulders & Upper Back

The shoulders are generally a preferred target for flogging with sweeping downward or criss-cross strokes. Never, ever strike across the spine, only ever across or down the shoulder blades, and away. Canes can be used lightly, as can bullwhips by experienced players (you lucky folk!). Avoid striking the tops of the shoulders as doing so can risk accidental injury to the face. You may even wish to protect your submissive’s face with a protective (breathable!) soft cover to further minimise the risk of injury.

The Arms & Hands

Arms and hands should be approached with caution, owing to their complex structures. Some individuals may enjoy light to moderate impact play on the arms, such as moderate slapping or light flogging. Some people may choose to incorporate spanking with a ruler in a schoolroom roleplay, but do be very mindful of fingers. Aim for the centre of the palm to reduce the risk of injury.


Impact play to the stomach should again only be considered by experienced players because of the risk of serious injury. Impact play should be light and felt to the surface wall of the abdominal area only, for example, via light to moderate flogging, and never to the internal organs. The abdomen generally isn’t a favourite area for impact play, so it may not be an area to focus on unless you have the knowledge and experience and your partner is particularly interested in it.

Lower Back

Nothing good can come from hitting this area. Damage to the lower spine can cause paralysis, and kidney damage can be fatal. Avoid it at all costs.


Some people actually enjoy impact play to the groin, however, because of the complex nature of the human anatomy, again, proceed with extreme caution. Purchase a mini flogger or whip which are far more precise and better suited to this area. Start gentle with soft, light strokes and stop if your partner dislikes it.


The buttocks are, by far, the most favourite location for starting out with any kind of impact play. Be it for a good over-the-knee spanking (who can say no to that?), a flogging or an old-fashioned schoolroom caning, aim for the roundest part of the buttock and distribute blows evenly across both cheeks. A smarting, rosy bottom can also be a wonderful contrast for other more rewarding sensations..

Thighs – Front

The femoral artery is located in the front of the thigh and so again it is best treated with regard. Light flogging or spanking may be okay, but heavier impact play is best avoided. It is also far more sensitive and closer to the groin than the back. To avoid risk of serious unintended injury, proceed with caution in this region.

Thighs – Back

The back of the thighs are again generally a perfectly good target, but they are more sensitive than the buttocks. What may be okay on the buttocks may not be okay on the back of the thighs, and for this reason I felt it was best to colour them amber. Flogging, caning, spanking etc are all fine in this area, but do be aware that it may be more sensitive than the buttocks. Aim no lower than approximately 4 inches above the back of the knee to avoid injury to this joint.

Lower Legs

I’ve separated this area away from the feet and we will talk about that in just a moment. The lower legs are not generally a chosen area but there are no outlying major risks, but common sense should naturally stil prevail for this area. Light impact play sometimes happens, typically a light caning to the calves but this can be rather painful. Proceed with awareness and caution and stop if the submissive partner doesn’t enjoy the sensation.


Not for the faint of heart, caning the soles of the feet can be a punishment. Aim for the soles of the feet and never on top of the foot or the toes. Begin with light, tapping strokes and work up to firmer strokes if desired. This punishment is typically considered quite hardcore among community members and is not commonly used by everyone.


  • ALWAYS agree and adhere to a safeword, no ifs, buts or exceptions!
  • Practice, practice, practice – on a cushion of some sort first!
  • Start slow and work up.
  • Stop straight away if either of you are no longer enjoying yourselves.

Have fun and play safe, folks.

Hugs & kinky cuddles,

Elena xx

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