Damn You, Bob's Burgers!

Last night, Wolfie and I sat down to dinner and the “Big Baby Pudding Snatcher” episode of Bob’s Burgers was on. Now, I have to be honest, I’m not a big TV addict. I used to be partial to cop shows but life happens and I get distracted or busy most of the time.

So when we sat down to dinner last night and Bob’s Burgers was on, I could take it or leave it. It was there, I could watch it, or not. It wasn’t South Park. so Wolfie could be forgiven.

Have you ever tried to completely ignore movement? It’s impossible.

So, long story short, I ended up watching Bob’s Burgers, even if I didn’t really want to.

In this episode of Bob’s Burgers, Bob is looking for Linda’s missing pudding mould when he chances upon a raccoon who has stolen the mould and taken it back to her family. Bob dons a dust mask and a torch and sets off in search of the missing mould.

Something that I have never admitted before is that I have a bit of a face mask fetish. Not just surgical, because dust masks and ski masks (to a point) will trigger it also. It’s something about the eyes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, aren’t they? Except, when we take away half of a face, the person becomes both unrecognisable and emotionless which sort of tricks our brains into exploring new thoughts, feelings and situations? Anyway..

When the camera flips and we’re given the racoon’s view, my my brain starts getting hypnotised by this now-eyes-only damn cartoon character with a flashlight, in true ASMR-style.

Damn it, Elena. Swallow!

In the end, I managed to break the spell and make myself scarce to load the dishwasher. I felt bizarre, vulnerable and hazy and I’ve been in an odd state of semi-conscious (but peaceful) relaxation ever since. Had a cartoon really just successfully hypnotised me?

Erotic hypnosis has long been something I’ve been curious about. Somewhere deep and dark inside my brain, I know that under the spell of hypnosis, I could be quite suggestible. Of course, it takes trust and it takes building up a rapport with someone with the knowledge and capabilities to do it, but in the right time, right place and with the right person, who knows?


NB. For anyone curious about exploring such an idea with a ASMR-receptive partner- NEVER shine a real flashlight in someone’s eyes! A small penlight is plenty strong enough and is the most popular method of choice used in the ASMR community 🙂

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