Some Wintery Puns For Winter Solstice!

Good evening lovelies,

Today is the shortest day of the year and for some (myself included), winter can bring about some truly awful feelings of depression. You do know one of the best antedotes for mild depression? Yep, humour!

This evening, Wolfie told me about Iceland’s 2018 Festive Range Christmas Tree flavour crisps. Not sold on the idea, I opted instead for some wintery puns:

Me: They WOODEN be something I’d try but I suppose if they’re nice then you’ll be PINE-ing for more!
Wolfie Please stop..
Me: I suppose they might SPRUCE up your Christmas party but if you eat too many then you’ll be feeling EVERGREEN! 😂
Wolfie: Stop..
Me: Okay, okay.. I get it.. I’ll stop NEEDLE-ing you with my jokes..
Wolfie: For fuck’s sake..
Me: I suppose they have been pretty BAUBLE..

Happy Winter Solstice, lovelies!

Elena xx

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