Happy New Year Everyone!! (Plus 6 Updates!)

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Hello everyone! As 2019 rolls into 2020 and I leave this monumentally awful year behind, I wanted to share with you 6 things that I have planned for this blog in 2020!

  1. The Completion Of My BDSM Workshop

This has to be the priority for me. I started it off earlier this year and then, after the loss of my father, it all went a bit awry. One of the most important things that I want to achieve in 2020 is to complete my workshop so that the knowledge I have and the resources I know, love and recommend are available knowledge for you, too.

2. “Accessible BDSM” Series

A number of my dear readers have reached out to me about this one and I’ve come to realise that it’s something that I really need to get started on. I can’t guarantee that my knowledge and advice will be expert help (because really, there is no such profressional role as a ‘kink with disabilities advisor’ is there? 😉 ) but I will be working and talking with others to collabarate ideas and how they can help you – if you are interested in working with me on this series, please do get in touch!

3. I’m Bringing Thinking Back

I know, I know, hey I tried, okay? As well as disabilities, I want to bring mental health back onto this blog. For me and many, many others, BDSM and mental health really do go together. I took mental health over to my other blog to make it accessible for everyone without giving too much of myself away, but I feel like that was a bad move. It’ll be a bit messy again here for a few days, bur I feel like you guys deserve the very best 🙂

4. My first books!

I am literally brimming with excitement about these! Unfortunately, many of my ideas this year haven’t come to fruition because of circumstances but Wolfie and I are going to launch our own two-part series where we will look at brats and bratty behaviour in BDSM relationships. Our books will be looking at the mindset of a brat, the needs of a brat and what it is like to own one, plus some ideas on effectively handling them. They will also be available on Amazon for as cheap as we can realistically make them.

5. Daily Diary Entries

I’ve noticed how much you all love the little exchanges between Wolfie and me, whether it’s our witty banter or the tender moments we share, you seem to love what makes Ten Shades & Me, well, Ten Shades & Me. However, I’ve noticed on some days that I’m pumping out up to 5-6 posts and that’s kind of a lot of blogging! I want to condense it down so that I’m not writing more than two posts per day, eliminating quite how much I’m filling up your inbox 🙂

6. A New Theme

It’s going to take some trial and error, but Ten Shades & Me needs a facelift. As nice as the Baskerville 2 theme has been (with my own header image -booyah!), it’s a pain in the backside with it’s regularly setting an inserted image as a featured image. All being well, this will be the last chance that it gets away with doing it. Who knows how this blog will look in 2020?

Have a fantastic New Year everyone and we will see you back bere in 2020!!

With much love


Ten Shades & Me xx

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