Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Elena and I am a housewife and blogger. I live in Bristol, UK with my husband and beloved Jack Russell.

I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for more than a decade and have seen great improvements in my mental health because of my lifestyle choice. I am a collared submissive to my husband, though I “play” with others in a non-sexual setting from time to time, where conditions allow.  

BDSM is a passion of mine and I care deeply about providing help, support and advice to fellow kinksters and curious newcomers through thought-out, inspiring and (hopefully) funny blog posts. I also care about mental health and I believe that BDSM can help us manage that. As someone who prides herself on being funny, caring and genuine, it is my goal to provide you with information and resources in a familiar yet light-hearted manner.

I also have a few mild hidden disabilities which can impact my BDSM play in some way.. I have written some articles which I hope will help and inspire you, if that is something that you struggle with, too. I have also written reviews, opinions, recipes and a number of kink-free posts on disabilities and mental health which I hope will help and inspire you!

In my free time, I enjoy relaxing with my husband (and, usually, our Jack Russell!), gardening, baking, crafting and listening to music. I absolutely love all things Cornwall and it is my hope and dream to be able to move to the Cornish coast one day.

Thankyou for visiting and I do hope that you will be back again soon.

Hugs and kinky cuddles,

Elena xx