13/10/2019 – Going Forward

Hey lovelies, In the early hours of Saturday 13th October, I find myself awake at the dining table of my chalet and writing my last blog post for this vacation. It's been a great break, but to be honest, I have things and plans to sort out, and I'm ready to go home and get... Continue Reading →

Emmet Elena’s Guide To Cornwall

In Cornwall, an "Emmet" is an individual who is visiting from outside the region, or has moved to the region from outside of it. Although 'Emmet' is typically derogatory in nature, most Cornish people are lovely, warm and welcoming, so 'Emmets' can be sure of a friendly welcome, provided that you treat the locals with... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Travel Bag?

Good afternoon lovelies, As promised, I was inspired by Penny Berry's post about her travel essentials and I decdided to share with you some of those that I'll be taking with me on the weekend. I'm making the 4 hour trip from Bristol, England to Newquay in rural Cornwall (it's not hard to see why,... Continue Reading →

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