We Tried 3 Apps For Couples (Reviews)

Something that Wolfie and I always struggle with is coming up with new and exciting ideas for activities to do together. We communicate great, we rarely argue and we're pretty affectionate to one another, but when it comes to getting ourselves out of a rut, we get a bit stuck. As winter draws in, our... Continue Reading →

A Day Out With Daddy Wolfie

Good evening lovelies, This morning I woke up in an unusually Little mood. It doesn't happen often, but it usually happens after a night of fun. I won't go too much into the details of last night, other than to say it involved some role reversal, a messy handjob and lots of extensive edging ;)... Continue Reading →

A Revelation (And More)

We woke up late this morning, later than usual, gone 10am. As we woke, Wolfie informed me that he he'd topped up the electricity meter in the chalet. "Why?" I asked, half asleep. "Because we ran out" he mused. Smart arse. This morning started off in the worst way possible. It started off with an... Continue Reading →

Rethinking The Way We Kink

Hey lovelies. Today I wanted to get this blog back on track a little bit and share with you a conversation I've had with Wolfie while we're down here. As is always the way, we've had quite a few "when we get back to Bristol.." discussions (including agreeing that we probably aren't going to renew... Continue Reading →

50+ Subscribers- A Celebration

Good morning lovelies, Well it's been one hell of a week, but I woke up this morning to discover that Ten Shades & Me reached 52 subscribers overnight! I'm over the moon and so happy that hours of hard work have paid off, so thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of my heart - thankyou! This... Continue Reading →

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