When DDLG Goes A Little Bit Wrong..

Last night, I led on our bed scrolling through the question on 'Couple Game' in secret away from Wolfie. After all, it doesn't really work if we share the answers, and there have definitely been plenty of surprises 😉 Now, like all people, when I lay on my bed, I don't really think about the … Continue reading When DDLG Goes A Little Bit Wrong..

Lunch-time Musings Of A Masochist

Good afternoon lovelies, I'm back with another of my musings posts while I devour my slightly overbaked Cornish pasty. It's peppery, it's steaky and it's oh-so-deliciously West Country. Tonight is playtime, yay! My evil. sadistic, meanest person on the planet turned me down last night, all the while tormenting me about being his "helpless little … Continue reading Lunch-time Musings Of A Masochist