Here Comes Trouble! (Humour)

Hello lovelies, I wanted to share with you this little bit of bratting because I thought it'd give you all a chuckle ready for the start of the weekend. It's a little glimpse of little me when she is in super bratty silly mode, yay! Wolfie: (Punishment tickles) Me: No! Okay, okay! I'm sorry! Wolfie:... Continue Reading →

Dishwasher Dilemma (Humour)

Yesterday, I walked out into the kitchen to discover another puddle on the floor, "I'm gonna have to call you back" I said to my Mum on the phone. Promptly ending the call, I mopped up the water and dropped to my knees. Under the sink the cold water inlet was dripping prolifically again. Having... Continue Reading →

Eleven Shades (Humour)

Last night, my good Sir and I needed to have a serious discussion. I'd raised the fact that I'd had some dark and nefarious thoughts and the fact that I felt like a freak because he wasn't particularly interested in them. I could see in his face that he was incredibly anxious and he admitted... Continue Reading →

50+ Subscribers- A Celebration

Good morning lovelies, Well it's been one hell of a week, but I woke up this morning to discover that Ten Shades & Me reached 52 subscribers overnight! I'm over the moon and so happy that hours of hard work have paid off, so thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of my heart - thankyou! This... Continue Reading →

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