On Alphas & Mental Health

Hey lovelies, I write this piece with the approval of my good Sir and after a recent night of weakness for him. You see, this post is not about lambasting him for the way he is, but rather, the importance of accepting him the way he is. In pop culture, Alphas (male and female) are... Continue Reading →

Submission Is..

Hello Lovelies, Before we really get into the meat of this post, I want to share with you all a really funny thing that happened to me over the past few days. We had a boiler service on Tuesday and, owing to our noisy radiators, I asked the engineer to bleed the radiators while he... Continue Reading →

Fears & Failures

Hello lovelies, It's another curry night that should have been followed by a night of kinky fuckery. Alas, having passed out for 90 minutes from sheer exhaustion, it hardly ended up that way. Sheer exhaustion before the exhausting stuff had happened, that is. When I woke up this morning, I had a plan of action... Continue Reading →

Ramble: The Cheesecake Game

Good morning lovelies, I'm back with another ramble about... well.. not too much, actually! Last night, my good Sir and I ordered an Indian takeaway from a little known gem near us. The food always arrives piping hot, delicious and beautifully garnished. I was initially taken aback when a little Italian man came waddling down... Continue Reading →

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