Eleven Shades (Humour)

Last night, my good Sir and I needed to have a serious discussion. I'd raised the fact that I'd had some dark and nefarious thoughts and the fact that I felt like a freak because he wasn't particularly interested in them. I could see in his face that he was incredibly anxious and he admitted... Continue Reading →

Fears & Failures

Hello lovelies, It's another curry night that should have been followed by a night of kinky fuckery. Alas, having passed out for 90 minutes from sheer exhaustion, it hardly ended up that way. Sheer exhaustion before the exhausting stuff had happened, that is. When I woke up this morning, I had a plan of action... Continue Reading →

The Neighbour In Number 42 (Erotica)

Barry was always a lot older than I was. In his early-sixties, he was a retired mechanic with a short, stocky build and thinning hair. Each morning his wife, Linda, would leave for her job as a school receptionist and I would have Barry’s undivided attention all to myself.  I loved it, and if his... Continue Reading →

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