Submission Is..

Hello Lovelies, Before we really get into the meat of this post, I want to share with you all a really funny thing that happened to me over the past few days. We had a boiler service on Tuesday and, owing to our noisy radiators, I asked the engineer to bleed the radiators while he... Continue Reading →

Ramble: Fruit Juice & Oral Sex

I asked my husband to fill my water bottle this evening and it led to another of our humorous exchanges. After passing me my filled water bottle, I held it up to the light and observed the translucent fruit juice within. "Oh, the Vimto is like my husband's domination - it's barely there!", I teased.... Continue Reading →

Ramble: It Begins

So it begins, that all too familiar feeling that playtime is only days away. I'm counting them down slowly, one, two, three... almost as rhythmically as the spankings that he gives me. The beauty of being a minimalist now is that there is very little housework to do to be ready. A few things to... Continue Reading →

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